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When ever we look for to create a fully functional site, the WordPress is one of the perfect platform for it. WordPress is a popular open source Content Management System (CMS) software. It is not too heard to create a website in WordPress. Having no any coding knowledge, easily you can create a fully functional web site, blog, portfolio, online store, news site, etc. at WordPress. With out hiring any web developer, just to followed my step by step instructions, you obviously create a website in WordPress.


Differences Between “” and

There is a confution between ‘’ and ‘ The ‘’ is the main ‘WordPres’. Which is an open source, 100% free web site creating and managing software. As it is a self hosted platform, you can choose your hosting provider according your budge and needs. In compare, the ‘’ is a limited free, hosted version of the open source software for web site. Here you can not choose your hosting provider, because – it is hosted by Its hosting plan is too costly to being a beginner can not bare the purchase cost.
In this tutorial, I going to guide you – how to start a new web site at WordPress website builder.

To create a website in wordpress, follow the points below:

1. Buy a Domain and Hosting

To create a website in WordPress, at first you need a Domain Name. After purchase a domain name then host the domain with a Hosting. This hosting will provide you some online storage in their server which connects with a strong internet protocol. And keeps your site connected with network that anyone can browse your site.

2. Choose WordPress as Your CMS Platform

CMS is a Content Management Software where you can choose and customize your site’s templates, create-edit and publish your contents, all most you can control your site from here. There are many CMS Platforms for website like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, etc. There  WordPress is the most popular CMS Platform and also it is easy-to-use for beginners and experts.
So, you have to choose WordPress and install it at your hosting database for managing your site from WordPress.
Today most of the reliable hosting providers provide the one-click-installation of WordPress at their hosting control panel (cPanel).

Install wordpress

If there have not any easy way to install WordPress even you could not found that, install the WordPress manually.

Most easy way to install WordPress manually

  • Download the latest version of WordPress from:

  • Now search the file naming ‘wp-config-simple.php’ and change its rename to ‘wp-config.php’.
  • After renamed as above mentioned then open the ‘wp-config.php’ with any text editor or code editor.
    Now change the following lines as mentioned below:
    Locate and define the lines-
    define( ‘DB_NAME’, ‘database_name_here‘ ); – The name of the MySQL database
    define( ‘DB_USER’, ‘username_here‘ ); – The MySQL database username
    define( ‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password_here‘ ); – MySQL database password.
    After changing it, save the ‘wp-config.php‘ file.
  • Now search there if any file have naming ‘index‘, then delete it(‘index‘).
  • Now log into your hosting cPanel then log into your FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Then upload all the files using any FTP client. Filezilla is one of a popular free client FTP software. After installing Filezilla on your desktop, open its site manager and click on ‘new site’. Then fill the queries of Filezilla. There the login address usually works with, the user name and password are same as used in your hosting account.
  • Next browse the url: ‘‘ (Ex:
    Now the below page will be see. Now set up the settings, then your site will be ready with WordPress.

3. Choose a perfect theme

This is a most important part of your website to choosing a perfect theme. There have lots of free and paid wesite’s templates in WordPress. After completed the installation of WordPress then you should be choose a theme for your website. The theme will help your site that how it is publicly visible and function. You can fully control your theme and its design, functions, lookup, from WordPress Dashboard.wp dashboard

How to Choose a Theme in WordPress

1.Firstly, open the WordPress Dashboard ( To open the WordPress Dashboard browser the link: “yourdoamin/wp-admin”, Ex:
2.Now click on Appearance > Theme> Add New.
After that the search bar will be shown… there search the type of theme or directly search any theme name.
Then choose a theme and click on that. You can be see its preview by click on the Preview button. Now click on the Install button. After installing, click on the Active button. Now the theme is activate for your site. Otherwise you can directly download any theme from the WordPress official site: or you can purchase a premium theme and upload it on WordPress.Add them

4. Add the Basic Pages for the Site

To turn your website as professional, you have to add some basic pages at there. The basic pages are likely About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, etc.

How to Create a Page in WordPress

Following these processes you can be create the basic pages.
Open WordPress Dashboard, click on the Pages… Add New… ( WordPress Dashboard > Pages > Add New )
Now a blank page will be shown. There write your page title and write something on that.
After wrote a page click on the Save button. After clicked on the Published button, your page will be visible to public.

5. Add your Website Menu

By creating a menu, user can jump into any specific option. That’s for create the Primary Menu based on your site keywords.

How to Create a Menu in WordPress

Open the WordPress Dashboard, click on the Appearance option, now click the Customize ( WordPress Dashboard > Apperance > Customize > Menu  ).
After open the theme customization dashboard, click on the Menu option, then create and save your primary menu.

6. Select the Website’s Content Language and Local Time Zone

In which language you want to write your content, you have to  select your site language from WordPress settings.Wp Settings

How to Change Your Website Language

Open the WordPress Dashboard and click on the Settings option, go to General Settings, and click on the drop-down of Site Language. By default the language set as English (United States). But if you want to change it, by click on the drop-down button you can do that ( WP Dashboard > Setting > General > Site Language ).
By same procedure you could be change the Time Zone.

7. Add a SEO Plugin

Use a SEO Plugin in your website for optimizing your site’s rank in Search Engine. The Plugin will help you to add the meta tags like description, keywords, author name, content type, website language, etc.
There have many of popular SEO plugins in WordPress like All in One, Rank Math, Yost, Jetpack, WP Rocket, etc. you have to choose one of those. Don’t use multiple SEO plugins; multiple SEO plugins can harm your site ranking.Add plugin

How to install a Plugin in WordPress

To install a plugin go to Plugins…Add New…search the SEO plugin name in search box… the plugin and install it… after installing click on the Active button ( WP Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Select a Plugin > Install … after installed > Active ).

8. Add Contents

Now it’s the right time to add your contents. Write your content and publish it by wordpress which should be unique, well organized, contains with helpful links and images, etc.

How to Create Content in WordPress site

To write and publish a content, follow the process below
Open the WordPress Dashboard and click on the Post option, now click on the Add New. Then a blank page will be shown. Here give your post title, write a post, add links, videos, audio, images, etc. which you want. After completed the writing then post it by clicking on the Save and Publish button. After published the content, the content will visible to public.


So, you see… how easy to create a website in wordpress today. In this tutorial, I exclusively describe that how you can build your own website. In shortly, just buy a domain name and purchase a hosting, Then install the WordPress in your hosting server, install and setup a theme, create your pages, and last share your contents as world widely in internet. If you have any questions, doubt, even anywhere see any fault of me in this tutorial, then you can comment me below or contact us.

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