What is Web Hosting? Web Hosting in Details

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Whenever we think of making a blog or website, then we have to have two things- the first is domain and second is web hosting, without both of these you can not create our website or blog, but in Google Blogger we can create your blog or website without Web hosting. 

There are many things to keep in mind to create a website, such as having a domain name with SSL Certificate and hosting for your website is very important because of which our website gets recognition on the internet. So let’s come to web hosting now, buying web hosting is not a difficult task, you can buy it easily, just follow my previous post. It is important to know about this before purchasing it because there are many types of web hosting in the hosting world, and it is very important to know which hosting you should take in the initial phase, who does not know much about hosting. That is, they buy expensive hosting, they think that all hosting is the same, but not.

In this post, I will tell you what is hosting or web hosting in full details and along with it, you will tell the type of web hosting, how the hosting works, features of different hosting, So that you can choose the right hosting for your website.

What is Web Hosting?

What is web hosting

When we create a website or blog and upload content like images, videos, and pages, etc. on it, and all these need a space on the internet i.e. they have to be stored in the internet server so that other people can access it through the internet. So, Web hosting is a type of service that allows our website to be uploaded and connected to the internet and placed our website as offline to online. When we buy hosting, we get some space on the internet, where our blog or website is active and if share its data then anyone can see it.

Just as you need someplace i.e. land to live and alive on this earth, similarly our website or blog on the internet also needs a place to be active which we call web hosting, and within it all our Photos, texts, audio, videos, files, and posts, etc. remain store.

How the Web Hosting Works?

You will also have this question in your mind that how does this web hosting work how web hosting connects our website with the internet, then for your information, tell us that when we open a browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, etc. and website URL in the search box If you enter the name of the website, then the domain name in the URL is connected to the IP (Internet Protocol) address and it links the IP address domain to the server where all the contents of our website are stored and then the website Loading all the contents starts appearing in our search browser window, that is, the website starts appearing to us as link-based.

Types of Web Hosting

If you have known about what web hosting is, now you know how many types of web hosting are there, so there are mainly four types of web hosting-

1. Shared Web Hosting

2. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Web Hosting

3. Dedicated Web Hosting

4. Cloud Hosting

Different Types of Web hosting ( In Details)

1. Shared Web Hosting –

Shared Web Hosting means a hosting server and there some websites are hosted on the same server.

  We better understand the meaning of Shared Web Hosting by an example, suppose we live in a room and we have another roommate with us and we share the same room by giving equal room rent, shared web in the same way. In hosting, a lot of websites are stored in a single server and each website pays its hosting price to the company.

Benefits of Shared Web Hosting –

This hosting is available at a very cheap price and best hosting for a new blogger.

Disadvantages Shared Web Hosting –

If your site gets more traffic then its loading speed slows down, because there the server shared between other domains. Therefore, if more traffic starts coming on the website, then it should be changed with dedicated web hosting.

2. VPS Web Hosting-

In VPS Hosting, a server is divided into different parts and no other website can come in the part where your blog or website is, that means it is your private server, it should be and is not shared with others.

An example of Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting, suppose there is a hotel and it has some rooms, and if you live in one room, then it is only your right in that room, no one else can come and live in it.  

Benefits of VPS Hosting –

This hosting gives the best performance and is also highly secure, it can handle a little bit of traffic, and also it is better than shared hosting.

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting –

Just VPS hosting is a bit expensive than shared hosting.

3. Dedicated Web Hosting-

In  Dedicated Web Hosting, a complete server is yours only, on which the only rights are yours. An example, Suppose if you bought a new house, so the whole house is yours And all the rooms of that house will be yours, similarly in dedicated web hosting you have your separate server in which only your files, images, and videos are kept.

Benefits of Dedicated Web Hosting –

The biggest benefits are that it can control high traffic, along with it provides high performance and is fully secured, so it also better than a VPS and shared hosting.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Web Hosting –

The Dedicated Web Hosting too expensive to a fresher and most of them can not bare its purchase.

4. Cloud Web Hosting

This (Cloud Web Hosting) is the most reliable web hosting. Business sites and Big companies use this hosting, it has many servers at once, like cloud and the advantage is that there the website is never down mostly, and it is high traffic easily controls. There is not a single server only, but many servers host your website together, this is why you can get the best user experience by this hosting this is the most popular hosting.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting –

The Server is not slowed-down here, because here the website is hosted on many servers.

Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting –

Cloud Web Hosting does not give any root access, and the most disadvantage is that – this hosting is very expensive.

What is Internet?

Here I shared with you a short idea and definition of the internet, below.

You need to know what the Internet is before you understand hosting services because web hosting is based on the internet. The Internet is the largest interconnected network in the world, where all wireless-data connected and made a big world-wide network. The whole world today, from mobiles to computers, tablets, and also all digital communicating devices are connected to this huge worldwide network.

What is Bandwidth in Web Hosting?

The total amount of data that is accessed per second is called bandwidth. We should be selected the Unlimited Bandwidth for our website otherwise the website will be slowed down when there are more visitors or a lot of visitors are coming at the same time, on the website.

Why the Website slow down in limited bandwidth?

This is why the website is slow is that if the rate of sending data per second is low or limited then the server will not be able to send more data, that call limited bandwidth and in limited bandwidth, the hosting provider limits your data sending and receiving-speed.

And when a lot of visitors will come in your website, then the website will not be able to load and show the content to every visitor at the same time, and the website will become very slow.

So guys, always select the unlimited bandwidth.

What is Uptime in Web Hosting?

As long as, the amount of time your website stays online or available is called Uptime. Nowadays, most companies guarantee 99% Uptime, but for your better user experience, always select 99.9% or 100% uptime.

Sometimes you may have noticed that you try to open a website again and again but the website does not open. This is because the server goes down or your hosted site is stayed off-line for that time, which is called downtime.

Hope guys, this post help you to understand that what is web hosting, different types of web hosting, advantages and disadvantages of all types of web hosting, hosting uptime, hosting bandwidth, hosting downtime, etc. I try to give you the information about web hosting where you can better understand web hosting. If you are fresher, then try to buy a cheap web hosting. Even if you have any doubts and problems, can contact me, also don’t hesitate to leave a comment for me below.

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