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Web Browser Definition (What is Web Browser):

Web browser is a software, by which we can browse anything which is available on the internet, like images, text, video, audio, software, application, etc. Web browsers are used by all internet users. We can use a web browser on our smartphones, laptop, etc. devices. All browse data are present in the web browser window.

We can know about it only by the word of web browser, web means the internet which store all web data and browse means searching on this internet, so the whole meaning of this word is to go to the world of internet and search about any subject. The web browser has been created so that people living in any corner of the world get knowledge of everything from the internet. So, the web browser is the mediator of the internet and users.

How did we search on the browser?

Example of url

All web pages have a specific address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

When we put the URL of that web page on the address bar of the web browser, within some seconds the browser shows that web page on our screen.

How does a Web Browser work?

Now you understand what a web browser is, but how does web browser work?  When we go to the browser and search for anything, it brings us the answers to our questions in some seconds or milliseconds. How does the browser browse so quickly?

All web pages are made with Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and may include JavaScript, jquery, CSS, etc. The browser transformed them into a human-readable format like to text, image, audio, video, and function them properly as included in the web page’s code.

The browser works with a protocol to receive the web pages from the internet which call Hyper Text Transfer Protocol or HTTP.

HTTP helps the web servers  to communicate between the contents of the web page and what both web servers and web browsers have to do to respond to the request given by the users.

By HTTP, web clients and web servers are allowed to connect with each other. When the user puts a web address or URL on the address bar of the browser then the browser sends its request to the web server as HTTP command, after that the browser connects with that web server and sends the requested web page from there.

There are all the web servers on the Internet which keep the web sites and web pages, all those servers support the HTTP or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, only then the browsers are able to connect them and give all the information to the users easily.

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol or HTTP

So friends, you clear about how does a web browser work.

Types of web browsers

Below is a list of web browsers.

  • Google Chrome (web browser for Mobile, Tablet & PC)
  • Internet Explorer (web browser for PC)
  • Microsoft Edge (web browser for PC, Mobile & Tablet)
  • Mozilla Firefox (web browser for PC, Mobile & Tablet)
  • Konqueror (web browser for Linux OS)
  • Lynx (web browser for Linux PC)
  • Opera (web browser for Tablet, PC & Mobile)
  • Safari (web browser for PC, Mobile & Tablet)
  • UC Browser (web browser for Mobile & Tablet)

Google Chrome:

In today, Google Chrome is the most used browser. It is very faster and user friendly for internet users. Beta 2 version of Chrome has recently been launched which works 30% to 40% faster than the previous one.

Google Chrome available in Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android Phones and in more than 52 languages. It is popular for its speed, security service, and easy usability. Its best feature is that when the user uses it, it prevents the user from going to a harmful web page by which the user can save their device from malware, virus, and harmful web site. Also, it is a very popular web browser for games.

Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer or Ie is a web browser developed by Microsoft in 1995. This is the first browser of Microsoft. In firstly, it was very famous.

Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser is also known as Firefox. The Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary Mozilla Corporation were developed it. For Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Android, the browser developed. But Firefox is rarely used on mobile phones.

Safari Browser:

Safari is a type of web browser but it is not so popular as google chrome or internet explorer. Safari Browser was created by Apple Company. In this browser, you will find all the web browser security related to Malware and Phishing. Firstly, this was used by Mac users only. Now also available in Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft Edge:

Microsoft Edge is a modern browser developed by Microsoft. This is a very popular browser for Battery Management System. It is specially made for Microsoft Windows 10 but now Android and iOS users can also use it. Microsoft Edge is very user friendly for Laptop Users.

So this is the web browser examples, web browser list, types of web browser, which I mention above.

Web Browser History

The first Web Browser in the world was created by Tim Berners-lee. The first browser was named ‘WorldWideWeb’,.  This web browser invented in 1990. After that, a lot of big browsers were made in which included many features like bookmarks, history, audio-video support, etc. were added.

From 1995, Microsoft started offering its Internet Browser under the name Internet Explorer with its Operating System, and Opera launched its Web Browser in 1996 after this Apple launched its Apple-based Web Browser in 2003 and next Google launched its Chrome Browser in September 2008 and it became the best browser still now.

Web Browser Uses:

Web Browser is used by the user for many purposes.

Used by Web Browser to Locate, Retrieve, and Display Content on www, including Web Page, Image, Video, and Other File.

And the web browser help to communicates with the Web Server and requests for information. Also, it is used for Video Conferencing, Web Page Designing, saving, and read web page’s data.

This is Uses of Web Browser for which a Users use Web Browsers.

Internet and Web Browser

Internet and web browser are connected with each other. Because without the internet, we can not use the web browser and nor the internet can be useful for us without a web browser.

In the world of the Internet, this web browser acts as a door for internet users, which takes the users to that world of internet. By a web browser, we can see many web pages on the internet and it translates or makes readable their files and other contents like video, images, and text and shows it on the screen of our device.

Difference Between Web Browser and Web Server

The web browser is a software program that browses and displays Web Pages which available on the internet and it usually uses the internet connection to access the web pages. Whereas web server is a program or computer which provides these Web Pages from its storage when requested by web browsers.

Difference Between Web Browser and Search Engine

The web browser is a software program that browses and displays the Web Page by the specific page link whereas the search engine is used to find the web page in the world wide web and display the title, link, meta description in one place.

The Most Related Questions about Web Browser

1. What are the examples of browsers?
The examples of browsers are –
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Lynx
  • UC Browser
  • Internet explorer
2. Which web browsers are the safest?
The safest web browsers list in below-
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
3. What browsers are most private?

The most private web browsers list in below-

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Epic Browser
4. What is the  most popular Web browser?
Google Chrome.
5. What is the fastest browser 2020?
Microsoft Edge and also Google Chrome, etc.
6. Which browser is most used in world?
Google Chrome is most used browser in world.
7. Which is the best browser for Android?
The best browser for Android is Google Chrome.
8. Which is the best browser for Windows?
The best browser for Windows is Microsoft Edge.
9. Which is the best browser for iOS?
The best browser for iOS is Safari.
10. Which is the best browser for mac os?
The best browser for mac os is Safari.
11.Which is the best browser for Linux?
The most of the Linux user use Mozilla Firefox.
Hope this questions and answers will help you to choose a perfect web browser for your device.
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