Top 10 Steps to Secure Your Phone From Hackers


What is Phone Security:

Phone security or mobile security is the system of protecting mobile devices against the hackers and their illegal activities like harmful cyber attacks which can stole your privacy and reach out of control against you. So we need the mobile security to keep our privacy secure. To control your privacy secure your phone.

How to secure your phone from hackers

Secure Your Phone:

How to secure your phone? It is very important to secure your phone or secure your smartphone from hackers, otherwise maybe our privacy would be hacked. Actually, most times the phones are hacked by our mistake. I marked these mistakes, which will help you to save your phone from Hacking, virus attacks and lost data, etc. So, in this content, I told about the phone security where you can see how we can secure our phone in 2020. To secure your phone or smartphone, see the point below.

1. Update System Security:

Actually our smartphones are very secure against the virus but sometimes the hackers are broke those securities. That’s why the phone companies always send their updated security updates to protecting against the updated virus. So, when a system security update will come to your phone, you need to accepct that. Otherwise your mobile security protection maybe loose. Always keep your device’s operating system up to date.

2. Install Anti-virus Application:

Anti virus app

For better security experience you can use anti-virus application which can secure your phone better way. But, always try to download this anti-virus from trusted app store  like Google Play Store where all applications are scanned by play protection, and the iphone users can use the Apple App Store, etc.

3. Skip Using Unsecured Third-party Apps:

The phone security policies are always recommending you to prevent using the third-party apps. Because, may be these third party apps included with viruses. So always use verified application store where they scanned all apps with their security protocol. Before download the apps always check the app reviews of public, contact information, and last update, etc.

4. Backup your necessary  mobile data:

All smartphone devices have many kind of cloud backup options where you can store your data and anytime you can download it. Even you can use another storage devices like pen drive, PC, etc. By keep your phone backup, you can protect your data from loosing. For cloud backup you can use Google Drive, icloud, etc.

Backup data 

5. Use Long and Strong Passwords:

The long and strong passwords are very powerful against password crackers. A simple random password like 12345, abcde, or 00000, etc. are very easy to reachable for hackers. But using a strong password (which combined with alphabets, characters, and numbers) its hacking possibility will be less. So, use strong and different passwords for all of your accounts.

6. Use Two-factor Authentication (2FA):

Now day, the two-factor authentication or 2FA is most powerful security for account security. Two-factor Authentication (2FA) is a multi-factor authentication where the first authentication is completed by password and another authentication is done by sending a code via SMS or email. This two-factor authentication prevent the hackers and unauthorized users from control the access of an account.

7. Don’t Browse Illegal and Unsecured Site:

The phone security policies are always recommending you to prevent browse the illegal and unsecured website. Always browse trusted and secure site for your device security.

8. Set Unlock Password, Pin, or Pattern for your Phone Unlock:

Set a Password, Pin, or Pattern to unlock your Phone.

Phone locked 

9. Don’t Charge Your Phone by Unknown Computer:

We use data cable for charging our phone. But, by this data cable another devices can access our phone data. So, avoid to charge your phone by unknown computer, PC, smart programmable devices, etc.

USB Charging

10. Delete the spam and unknown e-mails:

For keep your device secure, do not open spam mail, unknown mail and its link, and also delete it, if not important.

How to Secure Your Phone Prevent Hackers

  • Update System Security
  • Install Anti-virus Application
  • Skip Using Unsecured Third-party Apps
  • Backup your necessary  mobile data
  • Use Long and Strong Passwords
  • Use Two-factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Don’t Browse Illegal and Unsecured Site
  • Set Unlock Password, Pin, or Pattern for your Phone Unlock
  • Don’t Charge Your Phone by Unknown Computer
  • Delete the spam and unknown e-mails

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Friend, these all usable steps for phone security will help you to protecting your device prevent cyber criminal or hackers.

For updated phone security information, you can keep in touch with this website  and for any queries you can comment us below.

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