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We spend most of our day online. But very few people know that they can earn money online by work from home. Now, most people like to work from home online by which they can make a lot of money.

In this content, I discuss how to earn money, how to earn money online, and make money from Google

Yes! This is true —   we can earn money from Google. Even you can continue this money-making job as part-time or full time. Google offered many schemes by which we can earn money through online.

Google does not provide only one option to make money from online, there are many options to earn money with Google. To earn money from Google without invest any money, follow my quick guide below— 

1. Google Adsense:

Google adsense
ScreenShot of Google AdSense

Google Adsense is a free and popular platform to earn money by placing Google Ads on your own blogs or websites. 

When you want to professionally work online and earn money, Google Adsense is the best for that.

By becoming an Ads publisher, you can earn a lot of money.

How Adsense Work:

The Google Adsense is based on Advertisers, Users, and Publishers cycle.

1. Advertisers:

All Adsense-money is earned from the Advertisers who want to promote their products and business. The Advertiser who want to promote their business, apply on Google Ads, and they are accepted by pay a cost for their ads.

2. Users:

Here the user is the most important thing for Adsense. Google Adsense accepts user’s or audience needs. They place the Ads in Search Result Pages, based on the relevant searching of searchers.

3. Publishers:

Publisher is the Ads Publisher who approved by Adsense to placing the content relevant ads on their site. By these ads publishing, they are accepted as an ads publisher.

When a user clicks on these ads then you earn money from Google Adsense as Cost Per Click (CPC), but it is depending on the different types of ads and the value of ads.

2. YouTube Adsense:

Youtube (one of Google’s subsidiaries) is an online free video sharing, watching, and downloading platform. Where we can watch the videos which we want and we can upload our videos and share it with public or specifics friends.

But YouTube not only for video-watching and sharing service providers but also we can earn a big amount of money through it. 

You can earn money by monetize your youtube channel when it is reached the 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. After monetizing your channel, the YouTube Adsense will place the Ads on your YouTube videos.

monetize youtube

There have some criteria to monetize your channel.

How to we get monetized by YouTube:

To get monetized by youtube follw these points below–

i. Engagement of Users:

You will eligible for monetized after reach at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

ii. Unique Content:

Your videos should be unique and original. Otherwise, your channel will be disapproved of monetizing for reused contents or copyrighted content.

iii. Quality Content:

A quality content helps to drive the traffic by which you can reach the subscribers and watch hours criteria.

iv. Avoid Prohibited Content:

Always avoid uploading spam, sexual, social violation, children abuse, harmful, dangerous, hateful speech, shocking, crime, hacking, etc prohibited contents. If you follow the YouTube Community Guidelines, your channel will be monetized.

So guys, if you reached the criteria and your channel follow YouTube’s community guidelines, terms of service, monetization policies, copyright policies, then you can go to apply at monetization.

3. Start Your Own Blog:

Start a blog to make money

You can earn money by starting your own blog and placed the Google Ads on your web pages. From blogging, you can earn too much money where is not any limitations. This earning depending on your organic traffic.

There are many types of ads available in Adsense like text, banner, video, you can place it in your blog or website.

google ads

How to get more organic traffic and earn more money from Google:

Are you interested in blogging and want to earn more money from Google Adsense by increasing the organic traffic in your blog? So, follow me — 

i. Unique Content:

In the online, there are so many similar contents are available. But if you write a unique, strong, helpful content, then the CTR will be increased which is a positive point for making money through Google Adsense.

ii. Quality Content:

In making money by blogging, my second suggestion is always write and post quality content. Your online content should be very strong for organic traffic.

iii. Try to write the niche and title relevant contents:

Always keep in mind that your content is relevant to your content’s title and blog niche.

Otherwise, if you write an irrelevant content in your blog, the Search Engine confused to decide that what is about your website. Then your content will be marked as irrelevant content and your SERPs rank will be down. For example – your site is on technical based and you post your content on health, it is not good for your website SEO.

iv. Regular Post:

To make more money by blogging from Google, give your attention to regularly post. The regular posting is a positive impression for SEO and organic traffic.

v. Don’t post prohibited content:

Always keep in mind that your all contents follow the community guidelines of Google Adsense. Don’t post any prohibited contents like spam, sexual, violation, hateful speech, copyright, abuse of children, malicious, illegal activities, etc contents. Google and Adsense are not accepting these prohibited content, that is why always avoid posting these types of content and try to post user-friendly content.

4. Monetize Your App on Google Admob:

google admob

Create your own apps yourself or design it by hiring a developer. After that monetize your app on Google Admob and enjoy the earning.

Admob is an app-advertising platform, owned by Google, where you can make money by monetizing your mobile applications.

Admob showing the ads in your android and iOS application. It is like the same to the same Adsense where they follow the advertiser, user, and publisher cycle.

You can get paid by AdMob from ad impressions and ad click in your app.

5. Sell Books on Google Play:

Google books partner center

Sell your books on Google Play by joining the Google ‘Books Partner Center’. Sign up to the ‘Books Partner Center’ and publish your books on Google Play.

In Google Play, there are 2+ billions of users and 75+ countries around the world, so it will definitely help you to reach a lot of readers and Google shows your books as search queries and user personalized recommendations.

So it is very easy to sell your books quickly on Google Play.

6. Search Engine Evaluator:

search engine

Search Engine Evaluator or Google Raters is a jo title where your job is reviewed and make the decisions about the search results that how those are relevant to the queries, the result will be website, web page, image, video, song map, and also others.

Actually, Google is not directly providing this job. There have some companies as a mediator of Google and search engine evaluator.

Here you can earn hourly more than $10.

You can get this job from

  • Appen
  • Leapfroce.

Guys, I have shared the most popular, profitable money-making ways online. Where you can earn a big amount of money online. Here the YouTube Adsense, Google Adsense, Google Admob are the most profitable online earning ways of Google. By blogging, YouTube video uploading, books selling on google play, monetizing your apps you can earn money from google. You can earn a lot of money from Google, even you can do it as a long-term job or lifetime job.

So, don’t wait, start your own blog or youtube channel and enjoy the money-making services of Google.

So friends, follow this post (Make Money Online With Google) to earn more money online with google. Hope it will help you to earn money online.

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