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The CPU or Central Processing Unit is a hardware part of computer, which carry out the all instructions of computer and process them with arithmetical, logical, sensitive way to operate the all operation of input/output of computer system. So, the CPU is the brain of computer.

What is a CPU made of:

The CPU made with million to billion of transistors. The transistor made of semiconductor chemical elements (Silicon). This semiconductor electronic device amplify or switch the electronic signals and power by logical gate circuit (AND, OR, NOR, NOT etc).

Process of Transistor:

The Transistor starts with a pure silicon wafer.Then it is heated to make a thin layer of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) on the top of the wafer. And next a light-sensitive photo resist polymer is applied over the Silicon Dioxide (SiO2).

The Basic Parts of CPU:

ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit)

CU (Control Unit)

MU (Memory Unit)

    1. ALU: Arithmetic Logic Unit is the part of CPU that process all the arithmetic and logical process of computer.
    2. CU: Control Unit or CU controls the input and output and control them how to response.
    3. MU: Memory Unit or MU help to holding data and immediate access store.


The primary storage (RAM) is not a part of CPU.Note

Logic Gate in CPU:

Yes, the CPU use seven basic logic gates: OR, XOR, NOR, XNOR, AND, NAND, and NOT. These all gates use binary digits ‘0’ and ‘1’. These logic gates make the logic circuit of CPU and help to add, subtract, multiply, divide etc.

Types of Computer CPU:

As the CPU manage all the simple to vital process and calculations of computer. But it is depending on the CPU’s ‘Core’. A processor core is an individual processor within a CPU. In modern technology, there are one core, dual core, quad core, octa-core, penta core CPU etc.

    1. Single Core CPU or Processor:

      The Single Core Processor or CPU is the oldest computer CPU. It can operate one operation at a time. If we try to continue multiple operations at same time, the speed of performance will be verily decrease.

    3. Dual Core CPU or Processor:

      The Dual Core CPU or Processor made of two CPU cores within one CPU. So it can handle the multiple operations at a same time and speeder than a Single Core CPU.

    5. Quad Core CPU or Processor:

      The Quad Core CPU or Processor is more speeder than a Dual Core CPU, Which (Quad Core) made of 4 cores in a single CPU. It is help to run a lot of different programs at a same time and looks smooth behave in gaming.

    7. Octa-Core CPU or Processor:

      There are 8 different CPU cores in a Octa-Core Processor or CPU. It is faster than Quad Core because of range of eight cores.

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