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What Is Computer?

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       It is widely all know that the first generation of computer was work with vacuum tube and the first digital computer was ENIAC  or Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (Feb. 14, 1946). Here we describe   two types of definition of computer, naming basic and advance. Some body have who want to know only the main things about computer, the basic definition is for them. And some have who want to know the unique, fair, advance definition of computer, the advance is for them. Let’s see.. 

Definition of Computer (Basic):


           Computer is a electro-mechanical device which follows a set of instructions in order that it may be able to accept and gather data and transform those into information.

Definition of Computer (Advance):


       The computer is a electro-mechanical programmable devices which made with hardware and software, follow lot of instructions and signals to computing the specific values and transform these into meaningful information. 

Why it’s name Computer? 


                 The full form of ‘COMPUTER’ is ‘Commonly Operated Machine Particulary in Use of Technical and Educational Research’. The word ‘computer’ is an old word. Which has changed its meaning several times in the last few countries. Originating from Latin, by the mid-17th century it meant ‘someone who computes’.The American Heritage Dictionary (1980s) gives its first meaningful definition as “a person who computes”. The computer remained associated with human activity until about the middle of the 20th century when it became applied to “a programmable electronic device that can store, retrieve and process data”. The computer system based on digital computing or calculating, that’s why it’s named ‘computer’. 

Computer System = Hardwares + Softwares + Users 

Do You Know? 

@. How much did the first cost of a computer ? 

Ans. $250, Which now about $2 millions. 

@. Who is the father of digital computer? 

Ans. Charles Babbage is the father of digital computer. 

@. What is the name of first digital computer? 

Ans. ENIAC or Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer. 

@. What is the name of first electronic digital computer? 

Ans. Atanasoff Berry Computer or ABC. 

@. Who is the father of modern computer? 

Ans. Alan Turing. 

@. Who made the first digital computer? 

Ans. John Vincent Atanasoff. 

@ What is the first commercial computer? 

Ans. ENIAC or Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer.

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