How To Start A Blog | Step By Step For Beginners


Start Your Blog Today: Step By Step Guide

Today I note down the steps of how to start a blog, and what need to do for starting a blog for the beginners.

Before we start a blog we should know about the steps of start a blog. I hope, this content helps you to start a blog perfectly.

We start a blog write something and share them with a website blog that’s call blogging. The average blogs made for a specific reason for making money, but there are many personal blogs. In there the most beginner blogs are field to continue their efforts to blogging. There have many reasons for their failure.

Putting all these behinds, I have highlighted the appropriate steps to its success, in this content. I share with you the easiest way to start a blog.

1. Niche and Content:

Niche For Blog

At first find your niche and be sure that you can write content on these niches. Additionally, you make sure that you love this blogging, which is the same for both profit and non-profit blogging.

This blogging is depending on your content’s strength and it is decided the future of your blog. So be trendy and write content with following the user’s needs.

Choose and write the specific contents that you can fluently write and make it loveble, likable, more likable to other people who will read your post. So a perfect content can make a huge change in your blog.

2. Blogging Platform:

You are a good content writer or can hire a content writer or even anyone is ready to help you to write your content, so don’t worry!

Now you need a blogging platform. What is blogging platform: A blogging platform is a particular web place, from where you can generate your content as a blog even you can manage or delete, design, moderate, by theirs web-tools, software, plugins, etc.

Blogging Platform

There are many free and paid blogging platforms in the world. In there WordPress, Blogger Wix Joomla, Drupal, etc blogging platforms are very popular.

If you going for a personal blog, or you want a full free blogging platform then the blogger is the best. It is fully free, offered by Google.

Other is a professional blog, or you want to industrially explore for your brand or company blog, then choose the WordPress for full features and a perfect SEO.

But it is not that the blogger is not user-friendly or there is not any perfect SEO. As it is a free platform of Google, any beginners can compatible with its simple setting, customization, posting, etc and there no need any paid plugins like WordPress or others.

When you want to create a better, speeder, fine-looking blog, I recommend you to choose the WordPress or Wix Platform.

Comparly WordPress is far better than Wix and other paid to host platforms, and there is more than 36% website, and 90% of blogs are made by WordPress. In WordPress, you can manage your website perfectly and can add your external CSS, Javascript, Jquery, and also all types of the file by which your web page load time would be reduced and establish a great user experience.

3. Choose A Domain Name:

Choose a domain name

The domain is a path or mediator of your content and audience. A content relative domain name is very easy to remember and search.

There are many free and paid domain name provider.

Free Domain Name Provider:

  • It is the best free subdomain provider still now. Here you can get much domain freely. But in there the domain extension will be “https://your
  • is a paid and free domain name provider company. It is like to same as the blogger in free domain service. Here the free domain is provided with “” subdomain.
  • Tumblr: Tumblr is a micro blogging platform. Here you can get a domain with the subdomain “”.

Best Domain or Paid Domain Provider:

If you want to purchase a paid domain, you will get the domain as you want, but if it is available. You can choose your domain extension like .com, .in, .net, .org, .us, .online, etc, and purchase it if it is available with your selected extension.


  • Godaddy: Godaddy is a popular domain name provider. Here you can purchase your top-level domain at a low cost.
  • Google: We know Google is a popular Search Engine and also more online-offline service provider in all over the world. Now Google also still sells domain with free SSL certificate, and WHOIS privacy protection in low budgeted.
  • Bluehost: Bluehost is a popular web hosting and domain name provider.
  • Namecheap: Name cheap company offers many kinds of domain services like domain, SSL certificates, e-mail, etc. Here you can purchase your domain at a low price.

Note: Always try to purchase a domain with an SSL certificate.

4. Host Your Site:

The host is the presenter of your site through its web store and the internet, where you can store your all blog’s data, file, content, image, video, audio, text, HTML, XML, Javascript, Jquery, SQL, etc.

Host your site on the cloude

Paid And Free Host:

Some web hosting company takes money for a host any site on the internet, this is called the paid host.

Some have who host your site on the internet without any costs, that’s called the free host.

Free Host & Paid Host: Which Is Better ???

The paid host is a great web hosting platform, here you can host your site’s all kind of files, and manage it, edit it, remove it, and fully customizes are available in every place.

Comparly, the free host provides fewer features and limited optimizations.

But, by a paid host plan, we can separately host our web page’s file (CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, etc), add a custom theme, and edit it. Almost we can create a website which we want. It is too speeder for the users are not be irritated to your site. And your web site will not be faced to bounce back problem.

Best Cheapest Web Hosting Provider In 2020.

Best Free Web Hosting:

  •  Blogger: Blogger is a free domain and web hosting platform provided by Google. It is fully free. It is the best free hosting, blogging platform for now. There no storage limitations, hosting renewals, or different speeds packages. Its conditions are the same for all users. If you are fresher and try to a free blogging and hosting platform, it is best for you.
  •  000WebHost.Com: The Hostinger’s partner company ‘’ is a popular free and paid hosting platform today. You can host your site with zero cost and freely host your PHP, MySQL, cPanel, etc. It is ads-free and its speed is very good. Here you can get 3GB Bandwidth, 300MB disk space. But it is still two hours offline in every month.
  • Sites.Google.Com: Today it is to easy to get your website within just to minutes from It is full free web hosting platform still now and you can get a  free subdomain also an SSL Certificate.

Best Paid Host:

  • BlueHost: Bluehost provides high speeds hosting all over the world. If you are fresher and quickly grow up your blog with high-speed hosting, it is better for you.
  • DreamHost: Dram Host is a secure, fast hosting provider. If you are fresher then the dream host is the best, because there is a great money-back guaranty.
  • Hostinger: Hostinger is the cheapest web hosting provider. With a low-cost plan, you can host your site here.

5. Theme And Moderations:

Moderate Your Theme

After completed these all steps —- perfect niche choosing, purchased a domain, hosting the domain in a hosting platform, then at the last step – choose a perfect theme for your blog. Moderate it, and with a plugin, boost your website’s SEO and Meta Tag.

Generally, it is taking too much time to moderate a blog yourself, but now, using advanced WordPress plugins and their customization tools you can customize your blog quickly if you using WordPress.

Free Meta tag Generator For Your WebSite.

So friends, you learn about how to start a blog, how to start a blog for freehow to start a blog in 2020, by this “how to start a blog-beginners guide“. Hope, this blogging guide post will help you to create your own blog or website.

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