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Hey Guys, do you want to approve your Google AdSense account in 2021, so you have chosen the right article (Google AdSense Approval Trick 2021). We know that AdSense is a CPC (cost per click) and CPM (per thousand-impressions) based ad network. Most new bloggers want their AdSense account to be approved as soon as possible, but many can’t. AdSense is considered better than the rest of the advertising program because it pays better than everyone else and is also very secure. Many bloggers start their blogging career with the hope that if their account is approved for AdSense they will be satisfied with their profession. Most new bloggers are creating their blog and write posts in it and also apply it for Google Adsense, but due to some mistakes in their blog, Google Adsense Approval is not processed there and they are very disappointed due to not getting Approval, and some bloggers give up blogging. So guys, do you have any questions like ‘how to get adsense approval?’ Is it hard to get AdSense approval?’How to apply for google adsense?’ I’m going to tell you such a trick to get AdSense Approval. To be a successful blogger and make money online, just follow my Google Adsense approval trick 2021.

Google Adsense Approval Trick 2021

Google Adsense Approval trick 2021
Get love by google adsense

1. Write high-quality Content:

Content is the King – Strong content is the king of the blogging kingdom. Content means whatever article or post you write on your blog or website. Make sure that your posted-contents are high-quality content. If your content is fresh, unique, different from others and it has not been copied from anywhere, then it is called quality content and you can post it in your blog. After that, the probability of Adsense approval will be easier.

Each of your posts should be at least 600 words and also 100% unique-original, and also the content should be descriptive. This type of content increases your chances of approval of Adsense.

So friends, avoid copying from others and increase your chances of Adsense approval.

2. Sufficient Contents or Posts:

Some body search in google that how many posts are need to get adsense approval.

It is not written anywhere that so many posts are needed for your blog, then you have to apply for Adsense. But it is necessary to have a sufficient post in your blog for apply in Google Adsense. If you write a post of 200 or 300 words, then it is good to write at least 45-55 posts, and if all your contents are 800-1000 words, then you will write 25 posts. If you increase your content’s word, the more chances of approval increase. So guys, always pay attention to your contents that it has sufficient words in all of your contents or post.

3. Domain Age:

In Adsense approval, the domain age is very important. According to Google’s guideline, there has been some restriction on Adsense in some Asian countries like India, etc. So according to these guidelines, you cannot apply for Adsense before 6 months if you are from those countries. So friend, make it sure that your domain age and that country restriction is not going in opposition to Google’s adsense program guidelines. If you do not agree with Google’s guideline then there is a lot of chance of your application being rejected.

4. Don’t Write Illegal or Anti-Social  Content:

The illegal or anti-social contents are not allowed in Google’s guideline.

So, if your blog or website is related to hacking, adult content, gambling, child abuse, casino, or drug abuse content, then you should forget about Adsense approval. If your blog has some of these most related content, then you can remove and can apply then to Adsense.

5. Do not enter Copyright Materials:

In first I marked you that the copyrighted content and its all copyrighted materials are not allowed in Google Copyright Policy.

If you get any text, image, video, or any such thing from the Internet, then you cannot use it directly in your blog without the owner’s permission. If you modify any content then you can also add it in your blog or website. If you have the permission to use or have made that thing on your own, then there is no issue in it to use. Or, if the content owner allows the content in commercial use, then you can use it. So friends, before applying in Adsense, Make sure that there is no copyrighted content on your website or blog.

6. Remover other Ads Network in your site:

There are many advertising networks in the world, like Adsense. If your blog already has adverts from any other ad network, then try to remove them from your blog or website, before applying. But it is not a strong reason for get Approve in Adsense, Google Adsense allow the third-party Ads but in limited.

7. User-Friendly Template and Design :

Your blog template and design should be user-friendly. This means that it is important to be mobile-friendly template and along with that there should be a navigation menu, through which any visitor can read your blog easily and can go to the page they want. Always avoid using extra widgets, images. This makes a difference in your design and also increases the loading speed of your site, which is not right for the users. So guys, use a responsive theme and its design.

8. Add the About, Contact, Disclaimer, etc. pages :

Please insert pages about About, Contact, Disclaimer, etc. in your blog. If you add all these pages (About, Contact, Disclaimer, etc.) to your blog, then your chances will increase even to get approved by Adsense. All these pages are necessary for a blog to turn your website or blog more professional, through which your visitors get information about your blog or website.

9. Language Support:

Your content should be written in an Adsense supported language. Otherwise, your blog or website can not get approval by Adsense. Know about the Supported Languages of Adsense.

10. Always Use Alt Tag in Your Images:

If your blog contains images and there are not used any image alt tag and in this situation, you apply for Adsense, then your application may be rejected. Google and other Search Engines can’t read an image without an alt tag. So, If you are using image then it is good but does not forget to put the alt tag in the whole image.

11.Organic Traffic:

In Google Adsense, organic traffic is an important part of your profit and also the  Advertisers.

How many visitors come to your blog every day, it is not a big matter to apply Adsense. But many sites get Adsense with less traffic. So, You do not need to worry about the visitor. The quality and user-friendly content can increase your organic traffic. Also a moderate SEO can increase your organic traffic.

2. Top-Level Domain (TLD) with SSL Certificate:

Top level domain name

Always try to  buy a top-level domain ( .com, .in, .net, .us, .online, .org, etc.).  If you are using a free domain or sub-domain, then your Adsense application may not be approved(less chances). For Adsense, you can also buy an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates for your domain.

Hi guys,  read Adsense Terms and Conditions once before applying in Adsense. In this post, I described how to we get Adsense Approval in 2021. This content contained with the latest information, so after reading this content, you can easily approve your Adsense account. If you have any problem with Adsense approval, you can contact me and also don’t hesitated to comment me be below, I always try to resolve it as soon as possible.

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