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Hey smarters, welcome to be more smarter by making money online. Yes really, we can make money on our smartphone. There is a lot of money making apps that tell us that we can earn through those, but most of them fake (according to users reviews). I shortlisted some apps comparing with their features and public reviews which help you to make money.

Top 10 Apps To Make Money:

We have shortlisted only 10 best Android and iOS apps that help you to make money. Install it and enjoy the online earning.

1. Swagbucks Money Making App:

App To Make Mony

It is a popular money making app in the US and even other countries. Thre are a variety of options that allow you to make money without using the computer. You can earn extra cash in your boring time, extra hours, rest time, by your smartphone. Swagbucks offered many options that fulfill your dream of making money by your phone. After registered, you can join in their online activities.

How can you make money by Swagbucks:

  • Watching Videos
  • Playing Games 
  • Answering Questions
  • Online Shopping and more.

By doing these daily activities (watching videoes, playing games, answering questions, etc) you can earn points. There are millions of people who benefited from it.

It is available for both Android and iOS:

Make money review

2. Cointiply: 

App To Make Money

You can earn money through Cointiply by its Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital currency. You can not feel it physically but it has an electronic value. Even you can convert the Bitcoin by another website. At the end of this point, I mentioned it.

By the tasks, watching videoes, installing apps, completing surveys, viewing ads, and filling other tasks you can earn Cointiply coin which withdraws as Bitcoin from your Cointiply Wallet.

Earn Bitcoin

Convert or exchange the earned Bitcoins into cash by these websites:

Bitcoin Exchange

3. Ibotta:

App To Make Money 

When we look for direct cash for free, then the Ibotta is best among other apps. Ibotta is a popular cashback rewarding app that gives you thousands of opportunities to make money by real cash every day. It is most favorite in young and also elder users, because when anyone purchases groceries, clothes, wine, beer, electronics, then for each purchase Ibotta pays real cash.

App To Make Money
Why I Love It:
  • There are more than 1500 brand options
  • By nearby store alerts of offers, it helps to get the opportunity of cashback or save money
  • It is smooth and easy to use
  • The help center is always available to help with their money-making tips.

Make Money By Ibotta

Reviews of ibotta app

4. Shutterstock Contributor: 

App To Make Money

Are you looking for a platform to sell your pictures, or captured photos online and be satisfied in economical life by making money, I prefer you to use the Shutterstock Contributor app. You can shoot a photo through your phone, DSLR, and earn cash by selling it on Shutterstock Contributor.

Am I get any chance on there (Shutterstock contributor)?

My answer is ‘yes’. There have many awarded photographers to beginners, all are welcome. Every day we shoot a lot of images by our smartphone or DSLR, just share your choice on there. If you like and love photo capturing, so it is a perfect platform to sell them.

Shutterstock Contributor App Reviews

5. Meesho: 

App To Make Money

Make money from home with zero investment by the Meesho app. This app generates their product links by which you can earn money online by sharing it, depending on your performance. Without any hard work, by your smartphone sharing their link in Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media, or any website and then earn cash.

App To Make Money

I am not giving any certificate for this app but there have some features which may encourage you to fall in love with this.

Features Of Meesho:

  • Facebook invests in Meesho
  • It is available in metro cities and another town.
  • According to Meesho, “10 million+ income generated”
  • 9 Million+ product sold
  • Available in 5000+ towns
  • There is no limitation to make money with Meesho
  • Easy to use

Not only that but also there have many opportunities to get bonus cash weekly and earn commission per referral. As your side income, or as a full-time business you can make money through Meesho.

It is only for India, not worldwide.

reviews of meesho app

6. Google Opinion Rewards:

Google Opinion Rewards App To Make Money


Google achieves our trust by its amazing user-friendly features, offers, apps, devices, etc. Among them, “Google Opinion Rewards” is one of a popular application for smartphone users to make money online.

Instead of cash, the app rewards you by Google Play rewarding points. By which you can redeem on Google e-product, like Google Musics, Books, Magazines, Movies, Android Apps, in Google Play Store.

It is very easy to use. After you install it freely answer the basic questions which will be sent from another company through the mediator Google. It is controlled under “Google Surveys Team”, so very safe and secure to use.

How it Works:

The Google opinion reward will frequently send you some easy surveys which you can complete easily in your leisure time. So, if you satisfied then install this application, share your opinions, and earn through Google.

This application is available in 26 countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Taiwan, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Singapore, Netherlands, New Zeland, Norway, Poland, Japan, Italy, Mexico, Germany, France, Denmark, Chile, Belgium, Brazil, Australia, and Austria.

Google Opinion Rewards

7. DreamsTime:

App To Make Money

Dreams Time is a photo stock industry. You can make money online by selling your photo on this platform and also get exclusive benefits and the highest paying for your photos.

Know the features in details:

  • Make money by your photos
  • Real-time alert of seels
  • Easy to use on your smartphones or tablets.
  • You can optimize your image by their tools
  • Cool tools to trace your earning, image statistics.

8. Make Money by Playing Your Favorite Songs:

App To Make Money

Most people love to listen to music. But now you can earn money during playing your favorite songs through the “Make Money” app. Also, you can make money while working, playing, walking, running, sleeping, etc.

Features of this application:

  • Earn cash with free music listening.
  • Free awards.
  • Cash Rewards for lock screen music player.
  • Make more money by inviting your friends.

9. Shopkick: 

App To Make Money online

Shopkick offered many easy ways to make money through it. By this app, you can earn coins naming “Kicks”. By redeem your earned kick, you can get gift cards.

Ways to earn rewards:
  • Watching videos
  • Scanning Product barcodes using this app’s scanner.
  • Purchasing and submitting receipts.
  • Earn extra points at selected partner stores when you o purchase with your linked credit card only.

10. Make Money — Cash App:

App To Make Money

Make Money is a popular earning application online, by which you can extra cash by answering the surveys, watching videos, trying free apps, giving your opinions, testing services, play games, etc.

               By these 10 money making apps you can earn $999+ per month, depending on your performance. Before using these free apps, carefully read their term & condition and if you agree with them then start your money making journey.

Author Opinion:

Hi viewers/audience, at first welcome to my blog. I prepared this post with my experience of these applications, online suffering, and also depending on other user’s reviews who used these apps. I prefer you, all of these apps and before installing it at first read the user reviews in “Google Play Store”, that will be help you to find out the perfect money-making app.

If you find out any better apps or there are any faults in my post, you are not considering with me or this blog, any help, do not hesitate to comment us below. Be aware of fake apps. I am always waiting for your comments. Have a nice day.

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